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the tide rolls on!



Started in 2019 by William & Marshelle Green, the Fort Worth Crimson Tide is committed to the safety and development of our youth, on and off the field. An organization that is no stranger to success, the Crimson Tide strives to maintain their standard of excellence, competing for National recognition on a yearly basis.

FWCT (30 of 1).jpg
FWCT (30 of 1).jpg

big 12 10u heisman winner
william green iii

FWCT (13 of 1).jpg

crimson tide cheer

2nd place at 2021 fall competition


1st place in 2021 fall competition


10u - 3rd place

pinnacle national championships


12u - 3rd place

pinnacle national championships

FWCT (34 of 1).jpg

Crimson Tide Cheer Staff


Crimson Tide Leadership

President - William Green

Vice President - Marcus Mendez

Director of Operations - Marshelle Green

Secretary - TBD

Cheer Director - Valerie Sharp

Dance Director - January Washington

Team MOM Coordinator - Precious Aifili

Athletic Director - Glenn Brown

Events Coordinator - Amelia Meadows

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